acrescendoll asked:

Omg I donated to BSW to help the film but mostly to see that video because I wanted to see baby Kyle. I saw the thumbnail and he looks so cute. I haven't watched it yet though. I'm saving it.

Same here! It’s an Ed Wood tribute starring the guys from Good Neighbor so it’s obviously completely ridiculous and brilliant. Plus if you’re into Beck and Kyle’s bromance as they prance down a beach there’s also that.

Kyle Mooney in 'Rebel Without a Bra'

So Chris Lowell is releasing perks for the Kickstarter to his film ‘Beside Still Waters’, which includes a link to view a film he made in college called ‘Rebel Without a Bra’, starring the Good Neighbor guys and John Dardenne. I won’t upload it out of respect to Chris Lowell, but I’ll pop up some caps of vintage short-haired Kyle.